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    err provisioning coldfusion 7 to a site

      Hello there,
      I am working on a m/c where IIS 6 and Win-2003 is running (single server) We used to provision coldfusion 6 to a site using command:-
      java.exe -jar C:\CFusionMX\runtime\lib\wsconfig.jar -ws iis -map .cfm,.cfc,.cfml,..jsp,.jws -coldfusion -norestart -site weas.pop -host
      This was fine. But after installation of Coldfusion 7 I tried
      java.exe -jar C:\CFusionMX7\runtime\lib\wsconfig.jar -ws iis -map .cfm,.cfc,.cfml,.cfr,.cfswf,.jsp,.jws -coldfusion -norestart -site weas.pop -host
      And it gave error JRun server defailt can not be found err Verify JRun server is running. Actually three servers named: CFusion, admin, samples are seen Running in JRun launcher. Plz help