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    Indesign cc. Alternate layout. Master B.

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      New > Document > web.

      I am creating an .epub.



      Does it matter if the layout is vertical or horizontal in Indesign CC ?



      I followed Anne Marie Concepcion's tutorial for creating an Alternate Layout.


      It is actually for Indesign CS6.


      I Created an alternate layout so now I have two:

      Letter V  which looks like landscape.

      800x600 which looks like portrait.


      I thought that I would keep only the 800x600 portrait.


      The tutorial shows how you can 'delete' the layout you do not want and then do a 'save as'.


      I did this.


      But now I  No Longer Have a Master A.

      I only have a Master  B.




      How can I change this to be called Master A.  ?


      With Indesign CC, and with the updated functionality of tablets, does it really matter which layout I use ??



      I created an ePub in 2010 using Indesign CS5, and I did not use alternate layouts and the ebook seems to be fine on all tablets.


      Can someone please clarify these things for me.