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    Gutted !


      Shot some video today, removed my SD card from my Sony PJ650, put it into my PC.

      For the first time ever, I used Premieres media import, instead of dragging my AVCHD files off my SD card onto a folder on my HDD.

      It imported the media no problem,and for the first time I clicked the " delete when sucessfully imported" box.

      I tried to add a title to my sequence, Premiere froze then crashed,

      On rebooting it, Premiere could remeber nothing, and my SD card has been wiped ! I have tried several recovery programs, but they are all returning corrupted data.

      Is my imported media hidden in an Adobe folder somewhere, or is it lost for good ?

      Any help would be appreciated. My PC is a modern Acer quad core with 4GB of ram, as I have said, I usually just drag my footage from my SD card onto My HDD, then import it, boy have I been stung trying it another way !