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    Problems with process designer in Workbench ES2 with Win7




      I had LiveCycle Workbench installed on my laptop and I have designed some short-term processes. They have been running successfully for sometime. Recently my laptop was upgraded to Windows 7 and got the workbench re-installed.

      Now when I try to open up the processes that I have created using process designer, it fails with this error

      JVM terminated. Exit code=1073740940

      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES2\workbench\jre\bin\javaw.exe





      The LiveCycle server is 9.0 and the workbench is ES2 version. It seems to be a JRE version incompatibility. My understanding is that workbench is shipped with jre which in my case is jre6. Though I have jre7 with Windows 7, the workbench uses jre6 that comes with it.

      How do I set the JRE for the workbench ? Or how do I get around this problem ?


      I see the same error when I try to create new process as well.


      Any ideas would be appreciated .