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    Creating an answer sheet form


      Hi Randy, and thanks for all the precieous information provided. The question I have is related to creating a test form answer sheet for educative purposes. i know most queries deal with collection of data with commercial intent; but mine is solely with pedagiogical purpose. Is there an available Formscentral educational agreement? My question breaks down like this: I administer tests to students and their responses are drawn from multiple-choice questions, ranging from 150 to 200 questions/test. With almost 200 students personally (and all teachers combined, we have 3000 students, could I share this form?) I could easily transfer data in an Excel file and reissue the simple form for the next exam. I also would like to build this form in a way that each question/response is analytically linked to specific skills; say questions 2, 5, 56, 87 are linked to subject-verb agreement; they would then get a diagnostic graph indicating where they have erred and on what aspects they must improve. Can I do this with Formscentral? Are there any ressources you know of? Thanking you in advance for your suggestions.


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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          Although not Randy I'll take a crack at your question. Formscentral is likely not well suited for a test solution. It isn't possible to link questions by type either for the test taker or in the responses. Additionally it is not possible to randomize the order of questions or responses. There is no way to easily create a key that would score the test once taken. For these reasons I think you are best off looking for a different solution to your testing needs.


          Andrew Yarborough