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    Flash IDE, Haxe & OpenFL - Invalid Data Swf Error #2136


      We've recently run into a show stopping issue and can't seem to find any one else on the net who has the same problem (although there have been similar ones).



      We're currently developing a game using Haxe and OpenFL. We use FlashDevelop to code the game and the official FlashIDE (CS6) to create UI/menus which is then hooked up via code in FlashDevelop. A few weeks ago the FlashIDE crashed while the FLA was being worked on. Nothing appeared to be wrong as the file opened normally, however, after building our game in FlashDevelop we received the following message "Invalid Data Swf Error #2136". Since then we've done a handful of things that will seem to fix it temporarily, but as of now, none of those solutions work. At this point we think its some sort of flash limit or an issue with OpenFL, Haxe, and FlashIDE (or some combination of).



      I'd like to note that we've noticed some weird behavior - if we removed any clip the error disappears and if we add it back, the error returns.



      Here's what we've tried:

      • recreating movie clips that were created after the crash
      • converting the FLA into a archive and repairing it with WinRAR
      • splitting the FLA into two files
      • copying the library into a new FLA file


      Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!