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    View based application is not scalling full screen on iPhone 5




      I am new to Flash builder (flex) development for ios, when I created my first "View-Based" application and ran it in the iOs simulator iPhone 4" Retina, it would not fit completely, I can see some empty space at the top and the bottom..... 


      Any help guys!!



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          You need to add a startup splash screen image that is the size of the iPhone 5 screen. You may have to google for more detail, I don't have it handy. But this is how the iOS device knows what the useable screen size is. Then your app will fill the screen properly.



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            Here's some rough code that might be of use, mainly for Apple units as the others vary so much.

            I use the dpi to determine which device it's running on and force the full screen (fs) values from that.

            It's not pretty but it works.


            On a side note, I use the divider/multiplier values for virtual measures.

            Ie, if I have a button that is 60x60 pixels on a computer screen (72 to 96 dpi, I use 92) I can then divide/multiply the button size so that it is the same physical size no matter the device dpi (so the button isn't too small for my finger on mobile devices).


            S.device.dpi = flash.system.Capabilities.screenDPI

            S.device.divider = 92 / S.device.dpi

            S.device.multiplier = S.device.dpi / 92


            if(S.device.dpi == 264){                                       

                //iPad 3+4

                S.device.width.fs = 1536;   

                S.device.height.fs = 2048;

            } else if(S.device.dpi == 132){                                   

                //iPad 1+2

                S.device.width.fs = 768;   

                S.device.height.fs = 1024;

            } else if(S.device.dpi == 326){

                if(this.stage.stageHeight/this.stage.stageWidth > 1.6){       

                    //iPhone 5

                    S.device.width.fs = 640;   

                    S.device.height.fs = 1136;

                } else {

                    //iPhone 4

                    S.device.width.fs = 640;   

                    S.device.height.fs = 960;


            } else {   

                 //Others, ie Android etc

                S.device.width.fs = Math.min(this.stage.stageWidth, Screen.mainScreen.visibleBounds.width);   

                S.device.height.fs = Math.min(this.stage.stageHeight, Screen.mainScreen.visibleBounds.height);



            Hope this helps.