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    NEF files


      Why doesphotoshop cc not recognize NEF files from a D100?

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          Photoshop cc should open the Nikon D100 files even with the shipping 8.0 version of camera raw.

          (photoshop cc can be updated to camera raw 8.3 using Help>Updates in photoshop)


          Your able to open camera raw files from other cameras?


          You have an camera raw plugin installed?

          (under Photoshop or Help  About Plugin what version does clicking the word Camera Raw say)


          What operating system are you using?


          How did you transfer the images from camera to computer?


          What happens when you try to open one of the D100 files?

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            woody2159 Level 1

            Thanks for your help.  After some searching I found I needed a firmware update.  Once I found and installed the update everything is fine. The update can be found at


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