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    AMS 5.0 stops accepting connections and clients see white screen




      Ocassionally, my clients notice that when they attempt to connect to the AMS server (new connection), they can't seem to publish or subscribe to any videos.  When they attempt to subscribe to a live video all they see is a white screen with no audio (no error messages).  If someone tries to subscribe to them, samething.  The only solution is to restart the AMS server through the AMS console and then everything works fine until it happens again.




      - Adobe Media Server 4.5 -> 5.0

      - Increasing the size of the Amazon EC2 instance from small to medium to xlarge



      - Seems to occur if the server CPU load is over 50% and memory usage is around 25-30%

      - Doesn't seem to have anything to do with connections, its done it for 200 connections and up-to 1800 connections (no issues at over 3000 connections)


      Anyone experience this?