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    Adobe CC won't open plus none of my other apps won't open!

    Irishoffspring Level 1

      Today... i click audtition to learn the basics. and it says "windows cannot access the specific device,path,file...." ect.

      so now i'm really ticked honestly. Ive encountered about..     12 different errors and problems. all  the way from not even being able to open creative cloud, then wouldn't install correctly, then wouldn't open, uninstalled... then i couldn't reinstall cause it said it was still installed, then dynamiclink something or other. and then like i said today wouldn't open. i looked and looked and have found nothing that helps and only makes me go to other issues and this and that and i'm getting nowhere! i just uninstalled speed grade to install again and it wouldn't update. creative cloud that is. so i can't install again. so i try uninstalling creative cloud to install again then it said "uninstalled complete with errors" (something like that) then i went to the adobe website to try to download from there... it downloads for 2 seconds then says "opening desktop" and nothing happens....


      so long story short, problem right after another, can't open ANY adobe whatever. and the cleaner tool i downloaded isn't even opening correctly and nothing is working!!!


      I'm seriously considering cancelling my purchase for CC. but i would still have to pay for another year!... I can't fix anything nothing is working i'm getting really mad and extremely fustrated!!!! I NEED help cause nothing i'm doing is working and i'm freaking out!!


      I'm only 16, I know i'm not explaing things really well and my grammar is bad, please excuse that part and work with me. its been a rough day


      I'm currently using Windows 8 64bit.

      Any questions on anything please ask.


      Thanks you community for putting up with me