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    Why is Creative Cloud sync causing photoshop touch on iPad to force close?

    rec-52 Level 1

      Sometime on March 28, 2014, having the sync function on or attempting to sync files from your Photoshop touch app to the creative cloud causes force closing. Within 4 to 5 seconds of being in the organizer view the app simply shuts down. As long as you are off-line or you have the sync capability turned off the app works fine.

      Obviously this is a major problem because your creative cloud membership doesn't really do anything for you. Rebooting the iPad does not fix the sync/crashing issue. Downloading the Photoshop touch app on a different iPad results in the same problem.

      Is anyone at Adobe who is responsible for the functioning of the Photoshop touch app and the creative cloud aware of this issue? Before this began on the 28th of March, I had never encountered a problem like this. A solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated. Nothing that I have tried from my end changes the current problem. Please, please, help!