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    Missing photoshop.exe

    Jody Glover

      I've updated to the latest version of Photoshop CC through the cloud and now I no longer have a shortcut to Photoshop.exe and no longer have a Photoshop.exe file on my machine. Anyone else experienceing this issue?

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          Trevor.Dennis MVP

          Hi Jody, and welcome to the forum


          So you installed the CC Desktop Application manager, and from that installed Photoshop?


          What operating system are you using?


          If Windows, and you go Start > All Programs, and still don't see Photoshop, then I'm wondering if it installed OK?   You could open Control panel > Programs and features, and see if it is listed there.


          If Mac, then I am not going to be of much help I am afraid.

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            Jody Glover Community Member

            Adobe support instructed me to run the Adobe Cleaner Tool, which uninstalled Photoshop. Then, through the cloud, I reinstalled Photoshop and now it is fine.

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              Jody Glover Community Member

              Hi Trevor,

              Thanks for replying. That's correct. Photoshop wasn't listed. I had been using it prior to it going missing though. I am using Windows 7. I have a lot of the Adobe Cloud applications installed too (After Effects, SpeedGrade, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Bride, and Audition). I think it was after I installed SpeedGrade that I noticed that Photoshop was missing...not 100% sure though.

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                Trevor.Dennis MVP

                Sounds like it is all working now, so I wish you years of fun using it.