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    E-Mail Errors

    kodemonki Level 1
      I didn't get any answers at CF Server Administration, so I thought I'd try here.

      I'm running CF4.5 and we have a number of scheduled tasks that run daily, weekly, etc. and I'm hoping there's a better way of finding problems with them than someone in accounting getting upset because we haven't billed clients in weeks or our daily imported daily hasn't been updated in three weeks and someone just noticed now.

      Is there a way I can have the system e-mail me with CFSchedule errors?

      I see there's a place for a template to be called when there's a server error, and I can write a template that will send me an e-mail, but how do I get the error?

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          paross1 Level 2
          Well, at the very least, you can have your most critical scheduled tasks send an email message to someone when the task completes.

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            tclaremont Level 2
            Adding to Phil's suggestion, you could send an email to a designated mailbox and then have CF check that mailbox on a periodic basis. If there is no email there, then chances are good that the scheduled task did not run. Upon that condition you could email someone.

            Of course, relying on a scheduled task to check an emal alerting you to a problem with scheduled tasks is a bit of a suspect approach...