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    Level Up Not To Be Found

    Plne Level 1

      Level Up is not to be found. I used it for 3/4 missions then it and PS simply disappeared off my laptop. I  have re-installed both. PS is fine, however, Level-Up will not show up no matter how many times I install and restart PS and/or my laptop. A huge waste of time on software that I'm trying to learn asap. And then I come to this page where I am invited to 'ask a question' I ask the question and then when I hit 'submit' my question disappears and I must write it again.


      Is this how Adobe CC rolls?  It's very frustrating and doesn't give me confidence that making my 30 day trial a paid sub is a good idea. Prove me wrong forum or Pixelmator here I come!




      Seriously, it is completely farcical that a tool designed to help beginners get better quicker is so buggy. I think I'd be better off just wading through all the various tutorials available.


      Take it away Adobe and don't bring it back until it just works might be the best answer.


      As I say, 'very frustrating' grrr.