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    Edge Animate and PhoneGap Build - audio problems


      I am using EA to build an app and using PGB to build it.


      I have been using EA's built in audio code to play my sound and uut works great, in a browser.


      I then built a test app with PGB and the animation and interactivity and links all work great, but there is no sound.


      The lack of audio is not interfering with the rest of the app though, it's as if the audio plays but at 0 volume.


      I have the cordova media plugin listed in my config.xml, but I have to assume that the EA code is not compatible. Is there a different plugin I can add to the config.xml?


      I have also tried using the cordova media code:


      function playAudio(url) {

           var Nar1 = new Media("media/RUP01_Nar_1.ogg", function(){







      But this doesn't play the audio, and halts the rest of the app - I am thinking that I have either written it incorrectly or I am missing something somewhere else.


      Any help is gratefully received