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    Getting symbols to play

    GraphicsGeezer Level 1

      I'm having trouble creating a presentation which consisgts of 12 animated symbols spaced at labelled intervals along the timeline. When the playhead reaches a label, the main timeline stops and the symbol should play.


      But it seams sometimes the symbol has already begun to play and it's half finished by the time the timeline has reached it.


      My question: What is it that tells these symbols to play? Do they play when invisible, or do they wait until the timeline makes them visible? Do they start to play at that point because the autoplay checkbox inside the symbol is turned on?

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          justincode Level 1

          You have to make sure you are actually creating symbols first, once they are made the labelled intervalls will be hidden from your timeline (its like grouping elements) Then you can access them to make alterations



          Actions that you make tells the timeline to begin play from a specified point

          For example if i had a symbol called "playButton" and within that symbol i had three animations i could choose on a mouse over to display one of the animations such as "sym.stop("playHover");" or mouse out to display "sym.stop("play");" or mouse down to display "sym.stop("playClick");" or mouse up to display "sym.stop("playHover");"




          (its not a great explanation but its what got me started) and he is using outdated software but the principle is there...


          check this out, shout me if you need fulther help..

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            hemanthR Adobe Employee

            The auto-play option in the symbol is what tell it to start playing as soon as it is created irrespective to display set to on or off.

            You can either turn off the symbol autoplay option and play it when it reaches  aparticular label or control the symbols timeline from the playback options .

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