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    Disable or remove button / movie clip

    fire orchid Level 1
      Hi - I am hoping this is possible - I have an actionscript controlled gallery of thumbnails that scrolls across so far to reveal a group of six thumbs... easiest way to explain is to just show you...


      what i need to do is disable the "forward" or "back" arrows as they become unneccesary.. they are buttons within MCs, actioning a mc containing the thumbs, using the following script:

      on (press) {
      if (this._parent.main.targetx<=-200) {
      this._parent.main.targetx += 495;
      this._parent.main.targety = 410.4;
      } else {
      (this._parent.main.targetx -= 0);

      At the very beginning of the movie, you can see that the "back" arrow is still selectable and clickable, even though there is nowhere for the scrolling MC to go. Similarly at the end of the gallery, the "forward" arrow becomes obselete, although still retains it's rollover stat and selectability.

      Thanks in advance.