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    Book panel - Print the book icon - Disable

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      In our InDesign workflow, we have inbuilt script which does some validation and then print the document as PS and PDF. Sometimes, operators creates the PDF using InDesign own "Print" and "Export" menus by which the inbuilt validations are completely ignored by mistake. To avoid this, we have start-up script for Indesign (pasted below), which will disable both Print, Export, including flyout menu in the Book panel. This is the way we are sure that operators can't make mistake. Unfortunately, we could not disable the "Print the book" icon appears in the book panel, by which operators creates PDF by mistake. Could you please advise show to disable the "Print the book" icon from Book panel?


      Here goes the script:

      var disableMenu8 = app.menuActions.itemByID(65803).addEventListener("beforeInvoke", stopMenuAction);  //print book

      . . . .


      Please find the book icon I am referring at https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7-E8BeUp3OjUUY4Q1ZfRTF4cEk/edit?pli=1