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    Content of linked files in a inDesign-document refuses to update when edited.


      The problem:


      I have a question about linked files in an inDesign-document.


      We have a indesign-file (indd) wich contains text, linked map-illustrations and ads.


      One of the linked maps gets changed by an external map-producer via an VPN-tunnel. He works directly on one of the existing linked files (a map), and does not change the name or location of it after editing.

      After the change, we open the indd-file again, but no dialog-window appears telling us that a link needs to be updated. So we do it manually, but the changed content doesn't get updated in inDesign.

      If we target the linked file and choose to open it in illustrator for editing, all of the changes that was ment to be there, still is. It just doesn't show up in indesign. This also shows that the linking isn't the problem.


      The file is only placed at one spot in the document.




      1. If WE (not the external map-producer) open the linked file and save it again (same name, same location), inDesign instantly promts us to update the link and the graphics updates without problem.

      2. If we place the file in a another location of the same inDesign-file, the correct content shows. (But still, the existing one does not update.)




      Is there any way you can think of that could make this happen?

      If so, How can we solve it without having to use the workarounds?