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    Creating an animated space scene, Light flickering off asteroids




      I use AE CS5


      The Issue as the title suggests is light source flickering off the asteroids... the asteroids were created using VCP plug in "Element 3D"


      I havent had much experience using element as this is the first time I have tried it.. The light source is just standard AE light set to spot. It doesnt seem to make any difference changing it to "point" light or anything else.


      I tried a few renders with different settings.. quicktime with sorenson 3 codec and animation codec didnt seem to do anything but I dont know alot about codecs to be honest


      I've also posted a 4 sec vid for you to see my issue.. the flickering only seems to exist directly on the edge of some of the asteroids.


      UPDATE --- Now that I have uploaded it to youtube for this forum post alot of the flickering seems to have dissapeared.. theres still a little I hope you can see it.. The anomoly is still very strong tho before uploaded....strange !


      thats all i can think of for now


      Thanks in advance !

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          And what specifically? All I see is a slight shimmer in some places, but that would be perfectly normal - there are limits to how far realtime antialiasing can go and without knowing your exact settings for the materials, multisampling, DOF, motion blur and so on nobody can advise specificalyl and even those settings will depend on the performance of your graphics card. That's just the way it is. Also from an artistic standpoint your lighting is simply not good. Lighting in 3D programs has little to do with how physical light works. One simply would not rely on a single light in the scene and hope it produces good highlights. This is in fact part of your problem - the lighting changes too drastically from frame to frame in the fine bumps on the asteroids. You need to use several more lights and they need shoot light in from the sides plus you will need several fill lights to simulate the scattered light from the space nebula, including and especially one that lights your rocks subtly from the front to avoid that ugly "black hole" look.



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            liquidcactus Level 1

            I have only spent a little while so far making this... I'm still somewhat new to after effects with 3d elements. no.dof, motion blur or multisampling...  I tested with multiple lights in diff areas thats why im posting here after some testing..


            anyway, like i said the video rendered was worse before I uploaded to youtube.. sorry should have a better example and the video seems a pinch darker for some reason after putting on you tube..

            Still so much to learn in this VFX world the programs and situations have a mind of their own


            my cards are 2 x sapphire 7770


            Thanx for your reply Mylenium! and sorry about the pointless video