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    Converting playback rate in third party software rendered specifically from AEcc

    DeepBlueSea Level 1

      i've been having issues with certain codecs that are rendered from aecc.
      prores (family) & Uncompressed.
      From time to time we need to make elements with different frame-rates. so we use a tool from fcp called cinema tools to make conversions for speed without going back to AE, which basically changes playback rate of the clip to 23/24/25/29.97 in respect.
      However this method is now proving an issue since CC.
      i think its something on the encoding on the metadata thats locking the option to make the changes in cinema-tools. but the animation codec renders are fine?!!!
      The work around i have with this is once i render from AE i open up Quicktime then export out again as the same codec. which makes it fine to convert there after. any help would be great”