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    Can i make a pdf with spreads out of several indesigndocuments?

    Marco Goole



      I have got this question:

      Imaging this case: I have 3 indesigndocuments, that should be in one pdf-document. So i make a booklet of the 3 indesigndocuments and then i can make a pdf of them. But I want the pages in the pdf shown spreadwise. (so option spread is checked).  BUT: the pages in the indesigndocuments are not like that. F.i. id-doc1 has page 1 and 2, id-doc2 has 3 tot 6 and id-doc3 has the rest of the pages. (this is just an example to explain…) So page 2 and 3 should be on  a spread etc…

      But instead of this I get a pdf like:





      4 - 5



      8 - 9

      10 - 11



      Can that be solved, still using the same indesign-documents?


      Hope somebody can help me. thanks in advance!