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    DATAGRID FOCUS ISSUE: Focus got lost, while moving from one cell to another cell using tab key.

    Samdeepkumar Singh

      Problem: Focus got lost, while moving from one cell to another cell using tab key.


      Example: In an AdvanceDataGrid, there are three columns having custom ItemRenderer with Spark TextInput control (editable=true & focusEnabled=true).


      When I try to move the focus in with in 2nd, 3rd & 4th column using tab key, focus got lost. Most of the time it’s working, but some time it doesn’t work. There’s no clue as to how may rows/columns the focus has jumped to; or whether the focus has gone out of the data grid altogether.


      Observations: I am not sure whether this problem is because of custom component implementation or it is because of some issue related to Flex Component.


      • It only occurs when we perform some actions like some server call, some complex logic execution etc. at the focus out event of itemrenderer.
      • There is one property of datagrid i.e. editedItemPosition which contains row & column index of datagrid. On the focus out event, it gets null when focus got lost. We tried to set it, but it didn’t work.


      Steps Performed:-


      1. Currently focus is in 2nd column i.e. Apply to #.

      2. Once I press tab key from 2nd column, it goes to 3rd column which is correct.

      3. Now if I press tab key from 2nd column i.e. Payment #, focus should go to 3rd column, but it goes out of data grid and set the focus of button which is outside data grid.