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    Colour anomolies exporting GIF


      Hi All I have an issue that has really been annoying me. It doesn't seem to make sense. I understand that there is a limited palette when working with GIFs but this is just strange.


      I am currently working on a very simple animation that uses about 6 colours. I exported the same animation a month ago with a different palette and didn't have any trouble.


      What happens is that when I export in CC using 256 colours the main colour, purple, is as intended however all the whites [background and some detail] are turned a very light purple. It's not a colour I used in the composition either.


      When I export using 'Standard Colours' it dulls the purple down considerably, a little more than I would expect, but it is otherwise fine.


      Is there anything I can do to retain the colours? Has anybody else solved the issue of a colour being replaced in a GIF?


      I spoke to Adobe IT and they said it is 'commonly associated with using dual monitors' but I disconnected them with no change, deleting preferences didn't help either.


      Any ideas?

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          I've seen that happen a long time ago but not very recently. Do you have dithering enabled? If so try turning that off.


          Aside that you can always use a much better GIF animation product like Fireworks. Just export a PNG sequence from Flash rather than a GIF animation. Then import (as an image sequence) into Fireworks and you'll gain much greater control over the colors used as well as frame by frame configuration of time, looping, etc.

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            I keep having the exact same problem for some web ads I am building. I have to keep the size under 40K and I tried the PNG sequence in photoshop and the file size triples no matter how much I compress it and flash keeps it under my file size limitations. 


            Would fireworks be able to compress it as much as flash?