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    Rectangle shape appearing on printed pdf banner, not in the indesign file or visible on the on PDF



      I have had a banner printed today and as you can see from this picture, a little rectangle has printed on it. This rectangle is not in the artwork, created in InDesign, and is not visible in the PDF.


      After sending the printers a few different versions with layers turned off/on it seemed to be the triangles (also seen in this picture) that were causing this weird little rectangle to appear. The shapes are made in InDesign and are 15% opacity as it overlaps an image slightly further up. I removed the dropshadow to see if that would help, but the wee shape still appeared. I then tried placing the triangles as an ai file and then a rasterized eps but it still was appearing. Any ideas what is causing this??


      Much appreciated your help, I am a mac user and am using InDesign Creative Cloud