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    Have Applescript which runs an Action

    markc0 Level 1

      Hello, I have the applescript below which runs an Action in Acrobat x

      I have heard that applescript is not supported in in X1, is this correct and if so if there a Javascript alternative?



      on run {input, parameters}


        (* Your script goes here *)

                tell application "System Events"

                          tell application process "Acrobat"

                                    tell application "Adobe Acrobat Pro" to activate

                                    click the menu item "Sanitize Documents" of menu 1 of menu item "Action Wizard" of the menu "File" of menu bar 1

                                    repeat until exists (window "Action: Sanitize Documents")

                                    end repeat

                                    click button "Next" of window "Action: Sanitize Documents"

                                    repeat until exists (window "Sanitize Documents")

                                    end repeat

                                    click button "Close" of window "Sanitize Documents"

                          end tell

                end tell

                return input

      end run