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    Datamerge problems with images in pdf export



      Trying to set up a datamerge file to create multi page spread documents with fields on different pages. Attempting to set it up so it's as automated as possible as there are up to 20 different merge documents needing to merge with up to 100 different csv records from the same file each week .  The merge documents have different and repeated merge fields on most pages. 


      I've set it up so that the document has facing pages, and most pages have images spread across the whole of the spread.  the pages preview fine, they are created ok when using 'Create Merged Document' although the page numbers continue from one document to another (another problem).  but when I come to export to pdf, then the merge only shows the image on the left spread but on both left and right spread single pages, and the page numbers don't show the correct page numbers eg it will go p1 p2 p1 p2 etc all the way through the document instead of p1 p2 p3 - p20 etc.  I don't want to have to merge first then pdf but can't understand why the images and page numbers are not showing correctly.  Anyone shed some light on this please?


      Many thanks