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    The option to update to cc is not there, instead all apps are updated to cs 6

    Irishoffspring Level 1

      So ive been having issues after issues. i used the Adobe uninstaller tool thing to uninstall all my adobe apps cause i couldn't access them. So then i supposedly grabbed the lastest version of creative cloud and installed that then installed all the apps i installed last time. it worked! i was so excited till i realized they were ony updated to cs6... When it says up to date. it says only to sc6 and most of the apps aren't even available to be updated to CC.

      Photoshop CS6 instead of PS CC. you understand what i'm saying? even when something is opening like after effect. where it shows that adobe has rights for this stuff. its only from ??? to 2013. Its not up to date.


      not only that but when i opened after effects it said i needed a new application mananger. not a problem, so i click the link and it starts installing for a second and boom... its finished says its opening creative cloud nothing happens and i still need a new application mananger.


      Windows 8 64bit