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    [04/01/2014] New Release of Flash Player & AIR

    Eric.H Adobe Employee

      Adobe would like to announce that a new version of Flash Player and AIR will be released within the next 2 weeks.  The new version(s) are:

      • Flash Player (version 13)
      • AIR (version 13)


      For Adobe Access DRM customers, the release(s) contain the noteworthy features and/or bug fixes:

      1. (Flash Player) Auto-Reset: When the Flash Player license store becomes corrupt (DRM Error code 3322, 3323, 3326, 3346), Flash Player will automatically call .resetDRMVouchers() in order to recover the client.  Previously, the client would remained in a corrupted state unless they manually reset their DRM stores, or the application itself called .resetDRMVouchers().  This should noticeably reduce the rate of DRM 3322 errors.
      2. (Flash Player) Custom Error Strings: The client object DRMErrorEvent.text can now be populated by the license server by setting the Error Message when creating a CustomErrorData object.  Previously, regardless of whether or not the server set this value, the client would always see an empty string.
      3. (Flash Player) BUGFIX: Fixed an intermittent issue with HLS playback hanging when using Internet Explorer
      4. (Flash Player) BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with Chrome where clearing/de-authorizing content licenses caused a DRM 3322 error
      5. (Flash Player) BUGFIX: Fixed some intermittent crashes when playing content in Chrome on Windows 7


      Please take the time to notify your engineering and support staff accordingly.



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