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    How can I creat 4 columns?


      How can I creat 4 columns? I want a check box, text field for details, and a second column of each.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          You can create fields side by side by clicking the "+" sign on the right edge of a field (when it is selected), you can certainly add the fields you describe all in a row.  FormsCentral doesn't have the concept of columns, but you can lay it out so you have those fields in a column type layout.


          You might want to adjust the label position for the fields to get the layout you desire, you can define the label position per field in the Properties panel for the field.


          Note that you can also drag/drop fields into position.  Click/drag on the far left edge of a field to drag, a blue insertion marker will show you where it will be dropped when you let go.