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    RH6 + Source Control Performance Issues

      Hello - wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what might be wrong here...have recently installed RH6 and RH Source Control server. My 1912 topic html help project that took about 2 minutes to compile in RHx5 now takes about 40 minutes to compile.

      We have had some hiccups (to put it mildly) getting RH6 and server up and running and were getting some errors in the help project at first but I have fooled around with this and that and the help project now seems to be fine in RH6..we can check files in and out, make edits, save and compile (slowly). No error messages, nothing missing that I can see.

      I'm currently doing a test, adding another similar sized help project (1806 topics) to source control. So far it has taken 26 minutes to load and check out files and is not finished yet.

      So I'm starting to suspect the connection to the server or some other mysterious technical thing with the server as opposed to any problem with the help projects themselves. Does this make sense ?

      Also, could anyone using RH6 and Robsource control to produce html help please share with me your experience with compile performance.

      Thanks in advance,