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    Media Server Consuming Memory


      My project is forwarding an RTMP stream to an RTMFP (multicast stream) using a server action script. In forwarding this stream, the AMSCore process keeps consuming memory. This consumption of memory requires the system to be rebooted repeated. How can this be prevented?

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          hparmar Adobe Employee

          Are you using builtin multicast application(server side action script) to consume rtmp and broadcast rtmfp.If not, please try to use sample multicast aplication that comes as part of default installation and let us  know  the results.

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            sfwilson Level 1

            I did not think I could use the sample multicast application with my

            project's software. Instead,  I compared the outbound NetConnection and

            NetStream code in the sample application with the outbound NetConnection

            and NetStream code in my project's multicast server actionscript. One of

            differences I discovered is that my project's application connected to the

            rtmfp group with the following call:




            while the sample called:


            nc.connect(resetUriProtocol(streamContext.client.uri, "rtmfp"));


            Therefore, in my project's actionscript, I replaced connection to the

            "rtmfp:" serverless group with a connection to the application uri:


            net_connect.connect("rtmfp://" + port + "/" + application.name)


            This change fixed the excessive memory consumption. So, why does the

            connection to serverless network endpoint consume memory on Windows Server

            2008 R2 to the point that all of the virtual memory is used or it crashes

            the system?



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