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    CS5 Installation and Update issues


        I am trying to re-install Photoshop CS5 onto my Win 7 Ultimate System. I know from previously installing it several years ago that there was an issue with installing it with Adobe Raeder on a system. Something to do with folder location issues. I have tried re-installing CS5 and it does install (apparently Reader issue solved(?)). Both 32bit and 64bit seem to install ok. I can open Photoshop and access the program.


      Problem:  When I try to do updates for the software, that are available, they download and then hang on install. The Adobe installer stops responding and nothing installs.


        Could someone pleas assist me with this issue.


      Thank You



      System Information:


      Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Service pack 1 and updates installed.

      8 Gigs of system memory

      1 Terabyte main drive - Photoshop location.

      75 GB partion on seperate drive for Photoshop Cahe.

      Nvidia GTX460 with 1GB memory

      332.21 Nvidia WHQL driver