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    Exporting files from Pages to InDesign


      I'm sorry I am completely new at this. I just downloaded InDesign. I have been getting away with using Pages on my Mac but I need bleeds and crop marks now and thus need InDesign. I have produced a brochure on Pages and it's ready to go. In the past I was able to use Adobe Reader or some other export to produce crop-marks for print ready material but it has all changed so I am forced to us InDesign. I will (eventually) train on this properly, but in the meantime I have time sensitive material. Is there a way to export my Pages document to InDesign? I tried to do a .pdf but the import into InDesign came up really bad (pixeled etc.) OR am I doomed to redo the whole project?


      I know you're all above me experience wise, but if you throw me a bone I'd appreciate it!


      Thank you.