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    Accessing a secured Webservice

      I am new to webservices development and i successfully implemented a simple flex application that talks to a webservice developped in Java using XFire.

      In my MXML i am declaring the WS like this:

      <mx:Webservice id="myWS" wsdl=" http://localhost:8080/simpleFlexApp/services/webserviceTest?wsdl" result="myCustomResultHandler()"/>

      I call a webservice method on creationComplete event of the application:

      My mx script function myCustomResultHandler is then called to consume the webservice operation.

      The thing is that i want to use xfire with security (WS-SECURITY) and i don't know what i have to change on the flex side...
      The xfire documentation tells how to implements this in a java client side but with flex i don't know how...

      Maybe someone could help thanks