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    AE crashes at startup, raytraced


      Hi guys im actually opening this thread cause i wasn't able to solve my problem by just browsing the web(also this forum) trying several ways to keep ae opened


      Anyway, yesterday i becomed a member of the CC, i downloaded premiere pro and after effects, but when i try to open them, they suddenly crash. premiere does not say anything. AE gives this error:



      it says that the raytracing in the GPU needs an approved Nvidia videocard. It may need be necessary install the current graphic driver. For the moment for the raytracing will be used the cpu. after installed cuda5.0, reboot pc. if i click ok AE crashes. if i close the window, it crashes.


      My pc specs: i7, 16gbram, amd radeon hd 7970



      Last updates of after effects have created those problems i think, can anyone help me getting this programs running? It would be really appreciated !