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    Camera Z-Axis Movement Shutters

    rlr29711 Level 1



      I've encountered this issue before and was hoping somebody could help me solve this most frustrating quirk.


      When I do a slow Z-Axis move with a camera, either pushing in or pulling out, near the end of the movement on the easy-ease, the image shutters as it is coming to a stop - as if I am on a bumpy road and not a dolly track.


      I am using Illustrator graphics with rasterize on.


      Any help much appreciated as it renders some moves not usable.  I don't understand why the movement isn't smooth like a track left/right is.




      Comp: 1920x1080

      23.976 FPS

      Square Pixels

      Full Resolution

      Classic 3D Renderer

      180 shutter, -90 shutter phase

      16 samples per frame, 256 adaptive space limit