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    Help editing a picture and steps?


      So one of my bestfriend's birthday is coming up soon and i'd like to edit this so there's an explosion? could anyone help? Any other "funny" edits would be nice as well! would you please if possible add the steps you followed? Thank you!  Here's a quick edit i did in under 10mins ^^ Far from perfect though!


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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Steve Caplin has an excellent tutorial for making explosions



          Otherwise, the easiest, and surprisingly effective, way I know is with custom brushes. 


          Google a brush set or two, and install.

          Start with a large brush size and stamp down with Red, then make the brush smaller, and stamp down with yellow.  Maybe do it again with a very pale yellow.  If you want to make a stand out effect, use different layers so you can edit the different colours with the smudge tool or Liquify.


          But the Steve Caplin video is the best way to go.


          [EDIT]  While you look for brushes, also look for Explosion debris brushes.  They can add a nice bits flying out from the centre os the explosion effect.