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    [CC][AS] Font errrors in pdf files exported from Indesign

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      With this post I would like to ask for some advice on a problem I'm having exporting Indesign files to PDF using Applescript.


      I have a lot of Indesign documents, related to one particular client. All documents need to be exported to highres PDF using a preset.

      When I export a file to PDF manually, the resulting PDF file is ok. No errors are displayed when opening the pdf-file in Acrobat (full and reader).


      When I export the same file, with the same pdf preset, using a Applescript, the resulting PDF-file shows an error in Acrobat when it's opened.

      The message "Cannot extract the embedded font '....' Some characters may not display or print correctly'.


      I have this issue in Indesign CS 5.5, CS6 and CC. When trying it on a larger scale, 90% of all documents have this issue. When doing it manually, all resulting pdf-files are fine. I've double checked this with Enfocus Pitstop. All reports are fine.


      The Applescript code I'm using...

      tell active document

                export format PDF type to myFilePath using "SheetCmyk_1v4_IND4" without showing options

      end tell


      ... pretty basic code ... I've tried placing it in a try/catch block, but no error or exception is trown.

      The font refered to in the messagebox, varies from document to document...


      Schermafbeelding 2014-04-01 om 19.09.48.png


      All fonts are present the document. No fonts are missing. I've cleared all font caches, multiple times, with no luck. All fonts are checked and are not corrupt or damaged. The Os x version i'm using is 10.8


      Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this issue?