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    Adobe's customer service is non-existent

    sebasvideo Level 1

      Sometime last year Adobe's systems were hacked, logins and passwords were stolen along with credit card numbers. My only CC on file with Adobe had expired so I didn't have any bogus charges, but my personal information had all been changed. My name, my address, city, everything. Also, my registered products disappeared. I had CS4, CS5.5 and CS6, as well as Lightroom 4, all gone. So my guess is that some crook took my serial numbers and now somebody else is using my license.


      So far I haven't had problems installing the software, last time I did was after the hack, but there's a possibility that some day I will have to install these products and I can't because Adobe flagged my serials as pirated. So that would force me to be on the phone for half while they put me on hold ten times (in my experience with Adobe's customer service that's not out of the question) and have to take pictures of the packaging of my products to verify that the software is really mine.


      To add insult to injury, several months ago I posted this same thing in these forums, and someone from Adobe's staff told me to send them a PM with my information and that he was going to put my registered products back in my account. I rarely log into my Adobe account, but today I did, and under registered products I still have nothing listed.


      So fat chance I'll ever upgrade to Creative Cloud when their servers are so vulnerable, and their customer service so bad. Imagine that I'm using CC, then my account gets hacked and suddenly it shows that I don't have CC anymore. So the next time I try to use Premiere it doesn't open because it checks with the licensing server and it says that I don't have a license.


      Every forum I go I read people completely dissatisfied with Adobe, and based on my experience it's not hard to see why.