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    Writing to files fails on release builds.

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      I've been attempting to save the state of my game to disk.  I've tried using both SharedObject and just writing my own file using File.applicationStorageDirectory.  Both of these work fine with a debug build.  However, both fail to write files if I use release build.  What gives?  Do I have to have a certificate from Microsoft or Android to save files from a release build AIR application now?


      I'm using Windows 8.1, Android 4.4.2, AIR SDK 13, Flash Builder 4.7, .  Both Windows and Android will save files from a debug build.  Both will not save files from a release build.  I am using a self signed digital signature, it has been around a while.  Do I need to generate a new one?  Or is there a different problem?



      I created a fresh Actionscript Desktop (Adobe AIR) project, imported the previous projects code, and got it running.  Same problem.  I tried native installer and application with captive runtime.  Release builds cannot write to the applicationStorageDirectory or the documents directory.


      Update 2

      So, the issue appears to be a serialization problem with the builtin JSON.  JSON.stringify is throwing an error in the release build, but not in the debug build.  Admittatly I was throwing a fairly complex object at it, however the behavior change between the builds seems poor on adobe's part.  To get around this I downloaded the ac3corelib, gutted, and refactored the object serialization component to fit my needs.  The complex object is handled in a more simple manner and it works.  Disappointed in adobe's serialization, but from what I see around the net that is pretty common.