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    Cinema 4d Lite crashes in AE CC, Windows


      Whenever I try to use Cinema 4d Lite, I can get to the application, but cannot make any changes without crashing. I have tried either creating a file using File>New>Maxon Cinema 4d file, or creating a 3d comp in AE, exporting to Cinema 4d Lite, importing it, and going to Edit>Edit original. For example, when I create a new Cinema 4d file, if I try to create a rectangle, I see the rectangle appear, but then the application is frozen (spinning teal circle forever). If I try to edit original file, the Cinema 4d application opens, but it is frozen.


      I am on Windows 7 Professional, on an HP Z800 Workstation with 40 GB RAM, 64 bit Operating System. NVIDIA Quadro 4000 graphics card.