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    AIR Publish Fails when Including Large Files


      When we attempt to include large files (approx 200MB videos or larger), the publication of an AIR installer fails. The same is true if we try to publish as a Windows Installer (.exe). On Flash CC, the publish of an AIR installer generally succeeds, but the actual installation process will fail with a "Sorry an Error has Occurred... The installer package is damaged.. " error.


      When we attempt to publish a .exe, we get the error message, "Error Creating Files. Packaging Failed. Make sure your computer time is in sync and your certificate is valid." before an installer is ever created.


      If we remove the large asset from the includes, and everything publishes and installs just fine.


      Any idea if this is a bug, or if there is a workaround to publish AIR files with large asset files included in the install package?