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    Overlaying cartoon animation onto live video ...

    Dallas Kruse

      Hello All,


      Noob here. 


      I am learning AE and Ai.  I have been doing massive research on things I need to learn and have a few questions. 


      I've been using Illustrator to draw up some 2D cartoons and then learning how to animate them and incorporate them into music videos.  Small stuff like cute flying birds, suns, flowers, small characters, etc.


      I have tons of Q's so maybe it's best to ask this question first ... are their good tutorials online regarding this subject (creating, drawing, animating cartoons to use as stand alone cartoons and also to embed over live footage)?  I'm aware of Lynda.com but wasn't sure if they have this sort of tutorial.


      My next Q is ...


      If I've illustrated and animated a character (flower, or bird, or cartoon person dancing) ... what's the best way to incorporate that into my live clip?  Let's say i have a girl singing and want the bird to fly across the screen, or onto her shoulder.  Would I do this in After Effects? Or would I export from After Effects and then do the overlaying in Final Cut Pro (which I'm using to edit my videos)? 


      I exported a 10 second cartoon I made of flowers lip syncing to the audio track that I'm doing the video for and when I rendered, the background was white.  I wasn't sure how to composite that onto my FCP video and so here I am....


      What's the normal workflow when doing this?  I'm confident I can figure it out but just want to know the best way/normal way to do it.



      Apple Mac Pro

      Mountain Lion

      Adobe CS6

      (After Effects, illustrator, photoshop)

      Final Cut Pro 7