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    AS 3.0 and Components

    hciguy Level 1
      So I read the FlashBrighton Flash CS3 tutorial on how to make components using Actionscript 3.0. It worked insofar as I learned how to make the component and bring it into Flash. Let me correct that: I follow his steps to do it, not that I entirely understand it. I can now get CS3 to load my component but I still don't understand the why as to why it works that way with the linkage and stuff. More importantly though, I don't understand how to make AS 3.0 work within my component to interact with the user using the component within the Flash IDE.

      Does anyone know of a more extensive tutorial? Or can anyone give me a rough outline of how you interact between AS 3.0 code in your component and how to code it to do stuff in the IDE?

      I'm going to need to make my own custom components but not sure where to look for help...except to wait for Moock's OReilly book on June 15 :)

      Thanks so much! These forums have the best AS people around!