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    ACR, where did deleted files go?

    Erin M27

      I have a MAC and am using ACR. When I click 'delete' on a file and then 'Done' to close ACR, the deleted file does not go to my trashcan. I read in the ACR help/tutorials that the deleted files should go to your trashcan but I can't find them anywhere. Does this program delete the RAW file permanently? If not, how can I recover these deleted files?

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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          Hi Erin,


          It is expected for the deleted files to go into the Trash.  I just tested this with ACR 8.3 by deleting an image from the film strip, clicking Done, and observing that the deleted file indeed wound up in the Trash can. 


          Which version of Camera Raw are you using, and which version of Mac OS X do you have?