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    Adding dates and times in an adobe PDF form


      I am trying to add dates and times in an adobe PDF form to simplify a work process.  In order to do this I need to do a couple of things, but unfortunately I am not familiar enough with javascript and the functions it has built in do not suite my needs. 




      Start Date and Time (m/d/yyyy HH:MM):

      Hours Spent Working:

      Hours Spent Traveling:

      Number of Normal Duty Hours:

      Total Elapse Time:

      End Date and Time:



      First - I would like to take the field labeled "start date and time", add the number of "hours spent working", add the number of "hours spent traveling", which should equate to the "end date and time".


      Second - I would like to add "hours spent working" and "hours spent traveling" to to come upi with a "total elapse time".


      Thank you, Jim