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    Exporting Portrait Composition Trouble


      I have a comp that I want to export at 1080w x 1920h. Using .mov codec I want to display the clip on a computer screen set at a portrait screen resolution (1080x1920).


      The problem I'm having is my export is showing slight pixelation. I've tried setting my comp on it's side and exporting at landscape and it doesn't pixelate, I would run with this option but I'll be running a touch screen application on the same screen which has been built using the 1080x1920 dimensions.


      Is it an aspect ratio issue? Please let me know if there is a common solution to my problem.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          We really can't know. Your info is at best vague, but actually mostly useless. Just assuming there would be an equalyl "common solution" is pretty pointless therefopre. You have to provide exact render settings, screenshots and so on. that said, certain compression methods simply may expose artifacts one way or the other due to how they work, but again, we know nothing here.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Make your comp 1089 X 1920, nest that comp in a 1920 X 1080 comp and rotate it 90º, render that. Now you can burn a DVD or BluRay.


            If you are not playing back through a player that will only take horizontal format movies then consider this. The human eye sees detaill much better horizontally than vertically. That is just the way that it's built. It is why interlacing for TV works. Maybe the problem you are seeing is just perception.


            The only way to tell for sure is to render one horizontal and one vertical,  cut out a little square detail section from the middle and compare the renders.


            Other things that could be going on relate to the thickness of the lines, the movement of the elements, the frame rate, or your display's physical layout. Without info and some screenshots we are in the dark.

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              dallassinger Level 1

              Thanks for your responses. I realise I didn't give a great deal of detail was hoping there was some common knowledge dealing with portrait compostion exports.


              After some trial and error I found that MPEG4 codec doesn't export well in portrait. The best result is using H.264, artifacts disappeared and motion was smooth.