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    Only half of the audio gets imported in Composition!!!


      I use After Affects CS6. I have 8 videos. I import them to my Project and then import them all in one composition. Everything is fine: BUT one of the videos, has only half the sound. On top left, I see the green wave sign is full but as soon as I import it next to the other videos in the Composition, only half of the sound gets imported. I check the Audio in the composition for this video and can also see the green wave in half way through.


      I tried a new comporistion for this particular video, the same thing. I even closed everything down, open a very brand new project but still the same.


      No effect or anything is used. Again, all the 8 videos are being treated 100% indenticall. It is just this one that although the audio gets imported all in full in the Project but as soon as it is imported to the Composition, half of the sound gets disppeared.


      Please help me. I have to deliver this project to my customer :(((