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    "There's a problem with this website's security certificate" and "blocked content"

    Fatos Yox

      I created a survey, did all the settings right and I'm getting ready to "distribute" my survey. when I click on the web form link my explorer 8 says "There's a problem with this website's security certificate". i click on "continue to this website and it opens my survey in web form. then the next warning bar appears under the menu, it says "Internet explorer blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors. Yes it does let me click on "display blocked content".. BUT

      I'm getting ready to upgrade and purchase Adobe FormsCentral becoz we will use it for all kinds of surveys and questionaires in the future. I work on an Air Force base and I dont think customer's will want to keep clicking on error messages to take a survey...

      becaouse of the "blocked content" the option for embeding the code on one of our webpages will not work either.

      How can we get this fixed?

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          It sound like your copy of the Globalsign root certificate has expired.  The GlobalSign certificate that shipped with IE8 expired on 01/28/20104.  Details can be found here.  A quick check to determine if this is the case would be to check the certificate itself.  In IE do the following:

          • Go to Tools-> Internet Options.
          • In Internet Options select the Content tab
          • In the Content tab click on the Certificates button
          • In the Certificates dialog select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab
          • In the list of Root Certificates scroll down and select the GlobalSign Root CA certificate
          • Click on the View button
          • Make note of the Valid from xx/xx/xxxx to yy/yy/yyyy dates.


          If your certificate is expired then you need to update your certificates.


          What can you do about this problem?

          • If you are able to, update your certificates.  If you are on WinXP go here.  If you have Win2000 (or other, newer than XP system) go here.
          • If you are using a machine that only your IT department can update, notify them of your problem.  They need to update all the systems with the latest certificates
          • If you have access to a more modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) use that instead.


          If you certificate is not expired, then the problem may be being caused by a proxy server.  If you are using a proxy server, try viewing/submitting the form without the proxy.  If it works, then the proxy server is causing the problem. 




          Jeff Canepa

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